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When it comes to what tactics produce the most results in an SEO campaign, backlinks are highly regarded as the essential factors in the Google algorithm. For this cause, backlink analysis is so crucial because the quality of the site linking to your business will play a critical role in how well your website works. A lousy backlink can penalize your website if it violates Google’s guidelines. A quality backlink is a key to success, which is why backlink analysis is an essential part of every SEO campaign.

But why is there such a task as a bad backlink? The reason is that Google’s algorithms have displayed increasingly sophisticated, expecting specific SEO strategies that worked in the past are now banned. Your old, old SEO campaign could be hurting your site’s current success, so be sure to check. You can do this by knowing a backlink audit, a significant component of every SEO campaign. A continuous backlink analysis service can assist you to achieve your desire, and we can guarantee you that our methods will clean up your online presence.

When you use our SEO services, we will perform an SEO backlink analysis to check for your backlinks’ quality, using several backlink analysis tools and link discovery methods. We then crawl all links to draw together all of the relevant data points, from whether there are any answer codes, what the target link URL is, the link type, the domain’s life, and, of course, it’s Domain Authority (DA).


DIGIPLUS provides a reliable backlink audit service to its clients. Our experts are dedicated to their tasks. A backlink audit analyzes your link generation strategy to identify defects before your site suffers a rank drop – or worse – gets hit with a penalty. Performing regular link building audits provides the opportunity to adjust your strategy and change direction before it’s too late.

An audit identifies weak points where your strategy can improve and pinpoints where your system works well. Once you know where you stand, you can analyze what isn’t working on beefing up your plan. Likewise, you can reinforce strategies that are doing well and take them to the next level.

Audits are meant to empower you in pursuit of your search ranking goals. A typical link building audit will:


Did you pick a professional marketing agency only to end up with links on spammy sites? An audit will uncover any wrong links you might have. When you know about bad links, you can make different choices about building your links and who you partner with. Unfortunately, some link building services don’t give quality link placements. Without an audit, you won’t know your links are wrong until you get hit with a penalty.


Are some of your backlinks located on websites you’d instead not have associated with your brand? Are some of your links embedded in pieces of content utterly unrelated to your industry?

A backlink audit will uncover these places so you can request link removals and gain control over your brand image. Other elements in a link building audit might include examining link quantity, diversity, source nature, relevance, and potential to generate traffic. For example, if you have hundreds of links on high-quality websites, but these websites are irrelevant to your industry, you’re missing out on traffic.

Once irrelevant links are uncovered, you can move forward with a more targeted, intentional plan. If you’re trying to rank in the search engines or you’ve encountered a dip in rank, a thorough backlink audit will help. At DIGIPLUS, we’ll help you strengthen your backlink profile to get the search status and visibility you deserve. Contact us today to obtain out how we can help.

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We, experts, discover and gather all links that point to your website for analysis. We then use a manual review to assess each link and referring domain and assign them a quality score. If a link seems unnatural or of low quality, we flag it for removal. We then submit our report to you and read what we discovered and what links need to be removed.

After we audit all of your website’s backlinks, we begin a manual outreach campaign to request the owner of the offending website remove any links pointing to your website. We recording who we reached out to, when, all follow-ups, and any replies received. These are recorded in the event a webmaster is uncooperative in the removal, and the creation of a link disavow file is needed. If required, the disavow file is submitted to Google, and it tells them that you did not endorse these backlinks and that you do not want them to pass any SEO benefit to you.

Having the right balance of quality and quantity of backlinks is the best practice for optimizing your website, and we make sure you have both. If your website suddenly has a decline in traffic and search rankings, or if your website can’t catch up to your competitor’s rankings, no matter how much time and money you spend on SEO, a link audit is one of the greatest things you should do. It may be because your website was punished or hurt by search algorithms for having bad backlinks.

When you monitor your backlink list, it is alarming if they are got with red signals. You should carefully review them and disavow if needed. If you don’t know how to do it, contact us instantly. We will help you do that for a minimal charge.


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